In a New York Minute

Oooweeeooohhh anything can change. Ok if you don’t get the reference that is from one of the greatest bands of all time the Eagles. Why is this relevant? Well just about anything can happen in a flash in NYC and well for some that can be good and other it means your anxiety level goes off the charts. For example stand on any street corner in NYC for a minute and see what happens.

You’ll probably see more in that minute then good ol John Deer from middle of nowhere Wisconsin will see in his whole life.

Some of the great things you will have an opportunity to witness might be.

-Some crazy mentally ill homeless person screaming at a mother with a child in a stroller.

-A working girl walking to meet up with her next client.

-An aspiring rap artist spitting horrendous lyrics as if the general public loves to hear him practice his “art”

-The kid playing music at a level inappropriate for public spaces, not to mention it is some no talent pop artist with autotune.

-An old lady dragging one of those wire frame carts that you could put about 2 square feet of stuff into and she’s probably headed to the local grocer which as I’m sure you’ll hear at some point from us is such a wonderful experience.

-Oh can’t forget about the bike rental brokers who can barely speak english but will die trying to get you to rent a bike fro an hour.

-Or how about that guy who pushes his cd into your face and says take it it’s free and you say NO but he persists so then you take it and he then asks for 20 bucks for his shitty mixtape.

Oye vey this took a real turn toward negative town, but thats what this blog is about. Sharing the experiences that raise your anxiety with hope that by writing an article there could be some self awareness to the thought process that a typically New Yorker goes through on a daily.


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