Increased Anxiety On The Streets of NYC

So as you’ll find out through reading more of this blog our team isn’t that keen on living in the city. Sure there are tons of things to do around the clock but that really isn’t that important to us. Eating great food of all types is awesome. Seeing shows on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera House is pretty amazing. Grabbing a bite to eat from any number of random street vendors which are on seemingly every street corner in Manhattan is really convenient. Having almost anything and everything delivered is pretty sweet too.

Ok so maybe living in the city isn’t so bad after all…but wait that was all of the great things about the city but there are also quite a few that can really raise the level of anxiety by living here.

Starting off with the financial burden I mean seriously it ridiculously expensive. In fact if we ever move anywhere else we are going to be so freakin jaded people won’t be able to stand us. For example who pays over a thousand dollars a square foot for real estate? Oh yeah that Chinese hedge fund that is happy with little to no yield but is ecstatic to be in a safe asset class. Exhibit A to the reason you might have some increased anxiety while living in the city.

Furthermore people are just flat out angry and depressed. I mean you have to grind like crazy to make it hear and even when your are doing really well there is always someone who is doing better and that drives you even harder. It’s never enough. I just don’t understand the culture of city folk wasting away the beautiful gift of life to grind away in for another dollar to buy another watch or car or penthouse. It’s no wonder people are jumping off buildings all the time here.

Oh and did I mention is F N crowded everywhere all the time. Yeah go ahead and hurry up and wait. Better make a reservation a month in advance. If your a parent forget about it the waiting lists for childcare and schools is outrages oh and you have to pay to get on the list. The subways are a great for getting smashed in like sardines right next to crazy mentally ill homeless person who smells like he has been living in his shit and piss soiled clothes for the past five years.

This is just the beginning people if you live in NYC you’ll need a therapist for sure but get ready to pay from 300-600 dollars an hour to talk about how much anxiety you have from living in the best city in the world. Cheers.

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