Celebrities in NYC

So I’m heading off to an appointment in West Village and as I’m passing the Mandarin Oriental near Columbus circle this crowd starts to follow this blonde woman who is maybe twenty to thirty feet in front of me, also walking in the same direction I am. I see that she is signing auto graphs and taking selfies with ┬árandom people on the street who are approaching her. Obviously this slows her down and I’m somewhat in a hurry and walk right past giving a quick glance to see if it’s someone I recognize and nothing. I’m drawing a blank. I have no idea whom this person is. That’s not really a surprise because I could care less about celebrities and pop culture but this brings up an interesting topic.

Why such infatuation with so called celebrities?

Celebrities and athletes are just people like you and me. Sure they are the best at their given field but does that make them next to godliness? Should we fawn over them like they are superhuman? Should we obsess about there every move and stalk them relentlessly. Should we get there autograph or picture? How about a selfie with them?

If we do get an autograph what do we then do with it? Sell it? Put it in some special box at home that never gets looked at?

How about a selfie? Then what are you going to do with that? Post it on Facebook or Instagram of what ever social media platform you obsess over? And why? So people can see how cool you are for getting a selfie with a celebrity? Come on people this is so ridicules I can’t even believe it.

We have become so infatuated with media and Facebook and pop culture that it really is no surprise that Donald Trump actually might be the next president of the United States. Next thing you know the Kardasions will be running for office.

It’s absolutely pathetic. Wake up people. What values are we teaching the youth?

Am I completely nuts or are people actually becoming more stupid?

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