Moving Is The Worst!

How many of you like to move?

That’s right nobody unless your nuts!

The actual act of moving is what is stressful but moving can actually be fun as well.

Just think when you are moving, generally it’s because there has been a big change in your life. ¬†Which in most cases is exciting…you know the unknown..starting a new chapter of your life…etc. Unless of coarse you are moving because your landlord has evicted you for not paying rent for the last 6 months. Then having to move really sucks.

So lets just assume you are moving for a good reason like your family has grown or you’ve been promoted and assigned a new territory. That’s when the stress and anxiety start to creep in.

Things would really stress me out would be:

  • Where will we live?
  • When will we find time to pack?
  • Who can we trust to help me move?
  • What if I have really big stuff like a grand piano and big screen tv’s
  • Should I have the professionals pack us up or should we do it?
  • You don’t have any of these worries if you have enough money to pay people to do all the work for you.

So first things first you have to connect with a local realtor in the community your moving to. Check a lot of places out, do research on the neighborhoods and make a list of things that are important to you. Seriously everybody loves a list. Then make a decision on where and when.

Boom once that is done then start researching and getting quotes from movers.What I found is that the movers can do everything for you or just plain move your furniture and boxes. If your really cheap then you could do it all yourself with some friends and family but you better be nice and find a way to help them out as well.

Ok so you’ve found some movers the next thing you want to do is have them give you a solid quote and provide an outline of that in writing so as things start to change the money doesn’t get funny. If you have big special stuff like pianos, pool tables, antique furniture or grandfather clocks then you’d best leave that up to the professionals. I personally have used piano movers bucks county¬†when moving my piano and I have to say having them do it was well worth it. After all it is one of my most prized possessions.

There you have it, no reason to get all worried about moving. When you break it down and hire the pros you’ll certainly reduce the anxiety.


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