The Prevalence and Management of Work-Related Stress in New York City

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There is no doubt that New York City is a vibrant business hub where lots of companies have established themselves. Some of the top flight white color jobs with decent packages can be found here. Due to constant work pressures and the need to stay on top, many employees have been subjected to long working hours with fewer breaks and very high targets. This has resulted into work-related stress. In a study conducted to analyze the degree of stress among New Yorkers, financial concerns, housing costs, the economy, personal health and safety were among those cited as the sources of stress.

Compared with workers in the rest of the country, 54% of New Yorkers are less satisfied with their jobs and 44% are unlikely to recommend their workplace to other people. 41% of workers in New York City complain of job-related stress while about 35% say they plan to look for employment elsewhere in the course of the coming year. This is 4 points clear above the national average which is at 31%.

How to Manage Workplace Stress

Inasmuch as stress is part of almost every job, when it is left unchecked it can negatively impact on worker productivity and permeate into their personal lives. While it may begin as a minor discomfort, stress can progress and cause serious impairments. Below are some of the ways you can identify and manage this kind of stress.

Identifying Job-Related Stress

There are lots of ways through which stress manifests itself. Some of the common signs of stress may include:

  • Inconsistent sleeping patterns which result into too little or too much sleep
  • Changes in appetite
  • Depression, anxiety and irritability
  • Unstable and disturbed relationships with friends and family which may result into social withdrawal
  • Physical symptoms including headaches, digestive problems, as well as poor concentration
  • Job dissatisfaction

How to Handle Work-Related Stress

According to experts in the area of stress, there are some recommended methods you can pursue to prevent and alleviate work-related stress. The following are some of them:

  • Understanding the triggers – By becoming aware of the types of workplace scenarios that stress you up, you can begin your journey into stress management. Try keeping a journal documenting the times when you are stressed at work and your reaction. This can help in pattern recognition which may allow you to mitigate or avoid the effects of stressful situations.
  • Time management – As said earlier, New York City has some of the most demanding jobs and work schedules that need good time management skills. Inability to meet deadlines can result into inefficiency as well as stress. Setting realistic goals for yourself and learning how to prioritize can be the relief you just need.
  • Have a network of trustworthy colleagues – Friends and mentors can be very helpful especially when going through stressful situations. They can easily understand what you are passing through and can give you valuable perspectives and insights.
  • Consider a break – Feelings of stress can be overwhelming and taking a break is one of the approaches to help you out on this. The breaks can be short or even time offs so that you can think over your life and see the best way forward for you.

Finding a balance between your personal and work life is a key component in stress management at the workplace. Try a much as possible to avoid spending unnecessary time at the office. You can decide to arrive early at the office and finish up on your day’s tasks so that you do not have to overstay. You should also develop coping skills which include recognizing warning signs of stress, restraining your mind from negative thinking, as well as building your resilience levels to stress.

After a stressful work day, having a hobby can allow you to decompress. Find something constructive that you are passionate about and one that utilizes the skills you don’t often use at work.

In New York City, there are resources you can take advantage of to avoid suffering alone under stress. There is the New York City Bar Lawyer Assistance Program which is open, confidential and free to judges, attorneys, and law students in the city who are struggling with depression, stress, anxiety, and other issues. They Columbia Department of Psychiatry also offers confidential and free referral services for people seeking medical services including mental health counseling.

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