Is New York City Fast Turning into a Stress Black Hole?

According to a report done, the levels of stress New Yorkers experience are a bit higher compared to the national average. It was also clear that issues of money, the economy and work are the major contributors to these increased stress levels. From the interviews conducted as part of the study, many New Yorkers confessed that their health is not in good shape and lack of time was identified as a major barrier in adopting healthy lifestyle changes.

The Perception of Stress and Its Sources

The survey conducted by The Stress in America shows that people in New York struggle a lot with stress management and the support they get from their health care providers in managing the stress is not as much as what others get across the country.

On a 10 point scale, New Yorkers report an average of 5.2 in stress levels. This means they are past the midpoint towards a great deal of stress. 22% of New Yorkers reported experiencing extreme stress at levels of 8, 9 or 10 points on a 10 point scale. The commonly cited stressors include money, work and the economy.

Stress Management

In terms of stress management, New Yorkers rank lower nationwide. They admit that they are not doing enough to manage their stress levels. Inasmuch as many of them acknowledge that stress management is extremely critical, the numbers who say they are doing a very good or excellent job at stress management has dropped noticeably.

The stress management techniques people in New York resort to include exercising or walking, listening to music, and reading. From 2010 to the present, close to 57% of New Yorkers have made attempts to reduce their stress levels but only 39% are reported to have been successful.

Stress and Wellbeing

Since 2011, a growing number of New Yorkers are reporting chronic conditions such as high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Despite trying to eat healthy, many New Yorkers have kept off from proven stress reduction approaches such as weight loss, exercising and getting sufficient sleep. Fewer of them believe that stress has a huge negative impact on their mental and physical health.

The struggle to achieve healthy lifestyles among New Yorkers is evident with close to 50% of them saying that they have stayed awake at night, eaten unhealthy foods, or overeaten and skipped meals because of stress.

It seems from the study that many New Yorkers are simply believers of good and healthy habits, but they hardly drink what they preach.

Lifestyle, Health and Behavior Change

Because of the fast pace with which the New York City is moving, the challenge of time has been cited as a major barrier when it comes to making behavioral and lifestyle changes. Intertwined with this is the lack of willpower among the individuals to effect the changes.

The report therefore should act as an eye opener for New Yorkers to examine their lives and make the necessary changes before they are sucked into the black hole of unhealthy living.

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